Lewis and Clark

Updated: 10/7/2021
Lewis and Clark

Storyboard Text

  • The president of the time, Thomas Jefferson asks Lewis and Clark to explore the recently purchased land of Louisiana. They both accept and agree to explore the land and return with information. Before they begin they must gather men to go on this journey.
  • Lewis and Clark, can the both of you explore the land I just bought?
  • Lewis and Clark meet with others to start their journey. The first place they must go is Missouri. They then head upstream of the Missouri river. As they are exploring they encounter a group of people.
  • Lewis, Clark and all of the others are surprised to find that there are people living in these lands. They are Native Americans. The main one they encountered is Sacajawea, who was very nice. She would go on to help them in every way she could.
  • Sacajawea was a guide for the group because she knew the land. She was also very loyal to the group. She helped Lewis and Clark peacefully communicate with the Native Americans. She would also go with them on their journey.
  • With the help of Sacajawea and other Native Americans, Lewis and Clark were able to climb the rockies and reach the pacific. While they were there they built Fort Clatsop where they spent the winter. After winter had passed the group returned to St. Louis finally completing their expedition
  • We've reached the Pacific!
  • Lewis and Clark had returned to St. Louis after a 28 month journey on which only one person had died. Lewis and Clark's expedition opened up new horizons for America. This mission let people know the west was safe for living, so a lot of people migrated that way when they could.