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Universe Storyboard
Updated: 10/9/2020
Universe Storyboard
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  • Bang there it was the universe
  • Gas
  • The Sun
  • Dust
  • Swirling Gas
  • Gravity
  • The Earth
  • DUST
  • THE BIG BANGThe Big Bang describes how the universe began. It's the theory that the suddenly at a point the universe appeared. It expanded and stretched to grow as big as it is today.
  • Earth
  • Debris
  • Theia
  • THE FORMATION OF THE SUN The formation of the sun happened when a giant rotating cloud of dust and gas (a solar nebula) combined. As the nebula collapsed because of all the gravity. It spun even faster and flattened into a disc. That was how the sun was created.
  • June
  • Sun
  • March
  • January
  • THE FORMATION OF THE EARTH The earth formed when the gravity pulled swirling gas and dust in to become the earth. The third planet from the sun. Earth was formed in the Goldilocks zone. That means its the perfect distance from the sun, its not too hot or not to cold.
  • Icy comets and asteroids
  • Water
  • THE FORMATION OF THE MOON The moon was formed from debris from when Earth and the planet Theia collided. Everything left from when the two planets collided spun into orbit and the moon was formed from that.
  • The debris spun into orbit
  • The Moon
  • WHAT CAUSES THE SEASONS ON EARTHWhat causes the seasons on earth  is... since the earth's axis is titled it's always pointed in the same direction. So different parts of the earth's get the sun's direct rays throughout the year.
  • September
  • HOW DID THE EARTH GET IT'S WATER?Earth got its water when it water came from space in a hail of violence, icy comets and asteroids collided with the earth and supplied the earth with water.
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