Unknown Story

Updated: 10/15/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Scott, Oh, no you don't!
  • Yes I have the ball.
  • That's Game
  • The Spanish American war started because Cuba wanted freedom from Spain. America felt bad for Cuba so went to the war and helped.The war was only 4 months.
  • Hey Scott have you heard about the war that started yesterday?
  • We have to join the Rough Riders now.
  • The Rough Riders we soldiers who were selected by Teddy Roosevelt to be in the army. Some of them were football players.
  • Are Ben and I about to go in a battle?
  • Alright men ready to go to San Juan Hill?
  • Ben, watch out!
  • In the Battle of San Juan Hill was fought between the Spanish and the Americans.
  • Hold on.
  • The Battle of San Juan Hill was 1 week long but one day was very hard fighting.
  • Scott help!
  • The Battle of San Juan Hill was the deadliest battle of the Spanish American war.
  • Ow! Iv'e been shot.
  • Intruder!
  • Iv'e got to find Ben help, wait whose that?