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What Is My Super Power?
Updated: 4/27/2020
What Is My Super Power?
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  • I wish I had a super power to help around the city!
  • I want to save that cat. I know that the lamp post is 10ft high. I am looking up at 50 degree angle. So I would do 10/(Sin50) to find out how long the ladder should be. I need 13ft tall ladder!
  • I can save that gentleman. The building is 25ft tall. I am looking up at 65 degree angle. If I do 25/(tan60), I will have to stand 14ft away from the building to save that man!
  • I can't get a perfect shot!!!
  • I can help you! Well, the hoop is 10ft above the ground and the throw line is 15ft away from the goal post. If you do inverse tan (10/15), your hand has to be at 34 degree angle with the ground to get a perfect shot!
  • Francis Lewis High Scool
  • It looks like Math is my Super Power!!!
  • We miss you all and our classes! -Ms. Mehta/ Ms. Wattoo
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