to kill a mockingbird
Updated: 1/24/2020
to kill a mockingbird
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  • Dill Tries to Communicate with Boo
  • Miss Caroline, He's a Cunningham.
  • School
  • Scout Finch, I've had enough of you!!
  • Up in "Arms"
  • Every year Miss Rachel Haverford's nephew, Dill, spends the summer. In this time he convinces Scout and Jem to try to communicate with Boo Radley. They try to give him notes and create a game incorporating multiple rumors that the town has made about him which gets them all in trouble.
  • A neighborhood catastrophe
  • Scout starts school and unintentionally gets herself in trouble. The teacher is new to Maycomb and therefore doesn't know the family reputations of her students. This in turn causes Scout to obligate herself in telling Miss Caroline all the hardships of her peers. Her teacher gets very angry and Scout is sent to the corner
  • Christmas
  • In the process of trying to see Boo Radley, Mr. Nathan Radley comes out of the house an begins shooting at the children. In the process of getting out Jem's pants get stuck in the gate and Dill makes up a story and says they were playing strip poker.
  • Mrs. Dubose Dies
  • Miss Muadie's house catches fire and the whole neighborhood joins in to put it out. In the process Scout and Jem inherit a random blanket. Atticus informs them Boo Radley musy have given it to them. This overall changes Jem and causes him to sympathize with him.
  • Francis offends Scout by talking badly about Atticus and Dill and so Scout punches him. Francis lies and tells uncle Jack that Scout called him a bad name and therefor she gets in trouble, nut she really didn't really call him this name. In reality she tells Uncle Jack she did so that Atticus wont be mad at her for sticking up for him. Scout finds out Aunt Alex talks badly about her father.
  • Jem gets revenge on Mrs. Dubose by chopping down her flowers for saying mean things about Atticus. This act earns him punishment and he ends up having to read to her everyday. During this time, Mrs. Dubose has mean fits. Later in the chapter she dies and we find out that she was a recovering addict who was suffering from withdrawal. She leaves Jem a gift which overall frightens him, but is a thank you gift for helping her for a really hard time in her life.
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