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The Glass Castle Story Board

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In this section of the book, Jeannette talks about what's been going on with her family. She first explains to readers how annoyed she is by her mom's attitude. One minute she'll have positive thoughts then the next minute, those positive thoughts turn negative. Jeannette explains about the time her mom had a melt down, simply because she did not write up evaluations of her students' progress and she didn't want to get in trouble for not doing it. Jeannette thinks it's pretty sad that a grown adult is crying about this. Later, Jeannette goes off on saying that she had to be the one in charge to take care of her siblings while her mom was taking courses to renew her teachers licenses and Lori was at summer camp. Jeannette was responsible for providing them with food and making sure they had the basic necessities to survive. Not soon after that, Jeannette explains the time her dad took her to a bar. He ordered "buds" for both of them (her without being of age). A few moments later, when they were actually drinking the beer, one of the people who were at the bar got pretty close to Jeannette touching on her an then eventually taking her to a room and pinning her down on the bed. Next, Jeannette got a job at the "Becker's Jewel Box" where she rang up costumers and wiped the glass cases that the jewelry was in. It was there that Jeannette also got sexually assaulted where Mr. Becker (the owner) rubbed up behind Jeannettes back when she was cleaning the glass cases. It was also there that she stole a piece of jewelry but then felt guilty and returned it later on. Then, Jeannette started talking about what she talked to Lori about how summer camp was. Lori truly had a blast and felt like her true self that she was always meant to be. This the first time that people saw as a person instead of what she thinks of herself as a freak. And the last event Jeannette mentions about is with her mother and about how they got into an disagreement about her going back as being a teacher. Jeannette tells her mom that she must go back in oder to provide for her family, although her mom doesn't want to go back because she wan't to pursue a career in art where she would be more happy in doing, but that would not make any money for Jeannettes's family to live off of.

Storyboard Text

  • I just don't understand anymore. I can't stop crying
  • It is my duty to make sure my siblings are taken care of. 
  • Why are we here at the bar and why when I asked for a Sprite I got a bud instead?
  • Well, you want your money back right? So this is the only way I can get the amount I owe to you back by playing pool. And for the drink situation, you get what you get and you don't throw a fit.
  • Rose Mary had a meltdown. According to the book "The Glass Castle" it states "She was supposed to write up evaluations of her students progress, but she'd spent every free minute painting..." (Walls 207). To add on, according to the book "The Glass Castle" it states "Mom couldn't bare to face the woman [principal]... [Mom was] sobbing about how much she hated her life" (Walls 207). 
  • Hi, I was wondering if I could apply here.
  • Your hired
  • Jeanette was in charge of the whole household, while her mom was in Charleston taking college courses to renew her teaching certificate. According to the book "The Glass Castle" it states "I bought food and made meals for Brian, Maureen, and me" (Walls 209).To add on, according to the book "The Glass Castle" it states "I spent hours straightening up and trying to organize the huge stacks of junk" (Walls 209). 
  • How was summer camp? I am sure it was great being away from here.
  • It was splendid, I felt so normal their. I felt like I belonged there and I finally blended in, instead of standing out. 
  • Rex takes Jeannette to a bar. Rex plays pool with some of the other guys that are there to earn some money to pay back Jeanette. Although some inappropriate behavior goes down at the bar regarding Jeanette. According to the book "The Glass Castle" it states "Dad ordered buds for himself and me" (Walls 211).To add on, according to the book "The Glass Castle" it states "... with Robbie getting sloppy drunk, losing to Dad, and groping me when we danced or sat at the bar between games" (Walls 212). 
  • You need to go back to work. Your a parent and it is your responsibility to provide for this family.
  • Jeannette stop being silly. I'm a grown adult and I think if I want to pursue something else I can. Thank you.
  • Jeanette got a job at "Becker's Jewel Box" where she is working to earn enough money to continue providing for her siblings. According to the book "The Glass Castle" it states "...Mr.Becker hired me on the spot for forty dollars a week... Forty dollars a week is serious money" (Walls 215). To add on, according to the book "The Glass Castle" it states "Sometimes... Mr. Becker got so randy that he... rubbed up against my back side" (Walls to 215). 
  • Lori comes back from her summer camp more confident then ever and has a new mindset about her life. According to the book "The Glass Castle" it states "Everyone assumed I was a normal person..." (Walls 218). To add on, according to the book "The Glass Castle" it states "She positively glowed... she told me that... she might have a shot at a happy life... if she got out of Welch..." (Walls 218). 
  • Jeanette gets into an argument with her mom about going back to being a teacher. According to the book "The Glass Castle" it states "You can't quit your job. You can earn money" (Walls 218). To add on, according to the book "The Glass Castle" it states "I had been counting on Mom and Dad to get out us out, but I knew I had to do it on my own" (Walls 221).
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