R.E real
Updated: 6/4/2020
R.E real

Storyboard Text

  • "Bring every food and two of every animal, one female and one male, of every kind."
  • God does not like the corruption on Earth.
  • “Make an ark with wood and make it have rooms, then cover it in pitch in and out. Make it have the length of three hundred cubit meters, and the width has to be fifty cubits. Also the height has to be thirty cubits. I am going to bring a flood of water to this land.”
  • Then Noah did everything that God told him to do, he built the ark with his three sons.
  • "It will be raining for forty nights and forty days."
  • It started raining for forty days and forty nights. Then the water rose and started swelling. Everything died that could breathe from air. Then the water subsided.
  • Noah and everyone that was with him stepped outside of the ark, as God told Noah to do. Afterwards God blessed Noah and his sons.
  • God said in His heart… “I will never curse Earth because of humankind.”