Madisen's story Board for 3rd
Updated: 4/2/2020
Madisen's story Board for 3rd
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  • Once upon a time there was a set of twins named Kayla and Caleb. They live in a small kingdom called May and tonight the crowned prince named Jack was throwing a ball and was inviting the whole kingdom to his party. He is throwing the party to find the next queen of May.
  • Cafe Moonlight
  • On the morning of the ball Kayla and her brother were sitting eating breakfast at Cafe Moonlight and the prince rode by and created a lot of buzz about the ball.
  • Cafe Moonlight
  • Look Caleb Its the prince. Did you hear he is throwing a ball tonight. Why should we care we aren't going to be invited
  • when they got home they found an invitation to the ball. Kayla really wanted to go but her brother was scared of going he taught something wasn't right.
  • Look Kayla it an invite to a party at the place. Caleb can we please go.I don't know KaylaPlease
  • They arrived at the palace and the ball had already started and when they got there a man came up to them and asked if Kayla would come with him and meet with the prince in private.
  • We are so late Kayla. Well sorry that i wanted to look my best.
  • Caleb and Kayla his royal majesty would like to talk to Kayla alone.
  • Once Kayla entered the room the prince jack asked her a question. Kayla is very hesitant because she doesn't know how her brother is going to react but at least she can think on it.
  • Hello Kayla I wanted to talk to you about something.What is that you want to ask me.I was wondering if you would like to be my queen.Me. why me.Because you are kind and sweet.I don"t know can I think on it. Okay come back when you have your answer.
  • One week later after the ball Kayla went home and asked her brother what he thought about it. He said he didn't care as long as she was happy at the end of the day. But that didn't help Kayla answer her question if she should say yes but later that night a voice came and told her to do it or she would regret it then they showed her what her future would look like if she was queen and she liked it because she was helping the less fortunate and was well loved by all so today she is going to give the prince her answer.
  • Kayla how are you have you decided yet on my question.Yes I have. I've decided to accept your your offer.That is so good to here. What helped you decided. Well I just listed to a voice and it showed me what my future could be with you and i loved it .
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