the birth of Syria's uprising
Updated: 6/15/2020
the birth of Syria's uprising
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  • Dignityandpeace
  • get rid of the tyrant Assad
  • the Arab spring was erupting. protests in tunisia, egypt, and libya all led to the fall of their leaders and Syria's Bashar al Assad wasn't going to allow it.
  • a teenage school boy was using a can of spray paint.some other boys talked him into spraying those words onto hisschool grounds and the words tagged on the walls were referring to Balshar al Assad
  • on march 6 about 15 from the school in Daraa were arrested and tortured by Assad's baathist security forces
  • have new kids. if you cant, send your wives to use and we will get them pregnant
  • their parents and community elders begged for their release but were reportedly told
  • word spread and on Tuesday, March 15, peaceful protesters in Damascus and Aleppo organised what they called "a day of rage"
  • this was a turning point and the government reacted violently.15 days after the arrest,Assad sent representatives to Daraa and released the teens but the uprising was already set in motion
  • Syria had one of the worlds largest stockpiles of chemical weapons, including sulphur mustard and Sarin gas. they said it would never use these weapons in Syria. it started using them in august 2013 when rockets filled with sarin were fired at homes.
  • in 2018, Syrian forces were again, accused of using chemical weapons against Syrian systems.some fled to refugee camps such as the Lebanese refugee camp
  • At one point it looked like the Dictator would loose the war. Russia decided to help his friend
  • the Russia air strikes killed 200 civilians. the attacks tally with the defence ministry reports on air strikes
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