No-Guitar Blues
Updated: 11/29/2018
No-Guitar Blues
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  • One day, there was a boy named Fausto who wanted to play a guitar, but did not have the money to buy one.
  • Mom, can I get a guitar?
  • Money doesn't grow on trees.
  • I'll mow laws for money!
  • Oh yeah, it's winter.
  • Fausto asks his mom if he can get a guitar.
  • Fausto hops on his bike and rides to another section of Fresno. Fausto then encounters a dog.
  • This dog looks like it's owned by rich people...
  • Where's your owner, dog?
  • Since, His family did not have the money to buy a guitar, Fausto decided to mow lawns for money.
  • Fausto returns the dog to the owner. He lies and says that he found the dog by the freeway.
  • “I found your dog by the freeway. The address on it’s collar said this was it's home.”
  • “How kind of you, thank you for returning my dog, he’s very precious to me. Take this $20 dollar bill.”
  • Fausto then realizes that its winter and nobody would hire him. Fausto returns the mower and takes a rake.
  • “Do you like it?”
  • “I love it! I’m going to start practicing right away!”
  • Fausto had an idea: The dog looked like it was lost, and if Fausto could bring it back to its owners, he might get a reward! He searched for collar. He found one that says Roger. Fausto had never seen a dog with a human name, which startled him.
  • Fausto takes the $20 dollar bill and gives it away to the church. Then, he returns home.
  • Fausto’s grandfather Lupe, gave Fausto his guitar. Fausto dreamed of playing on “American Bandstand.”
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