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Updated: 10/29/2020
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  • French and Indian war
  • Townshend acts
  • Townshend Act:Tax on tea and other goods
  • Boston Massacre
  • The French and Indian War put the colonies of British America against those of the french, each side supported by military units from the parent country and by Native American allies
  • The Boston Tea Party
  • The Townshend Acts, refers to a series of British acts of Parliament passed during 1767 and 1768 relating to the British colonies in America.
  • The Intolerable Acts
  • The Boston Massacre was a confrontation on March 5, 1770, in which British soldiers shot and killed several people while being harassed by a mob in Boston.
  • The continental congress
  • The boston tea party is when the colonists dressed up as indians and threw gallons of tea into the boston harbor.
  • The Intolerable acts was input as a result of the boston tea party and had a massive effect on the colonists
  • this is were they decided to write the declaration of independence
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