English Assessment Y8
Updated: 6/16/2020
English Assessment Y8

Storyboard Text

  • When Jimbo reached school, he saw a bully shoving someone in the bin. Jimbo said to the boys, "leave him alone, he's my friend." He felt brave and proud of himself and he felt some courage.
  • After a few minutes, Jimbo remembered to find his best friend Roman.
  • When Jimbo found Roman he asked him if he was afraid of the dark. His friend said "no". So Jimbo realized that he was the only person in his grade that was afraid of the dark. So, then he made a choice that he will never be afraid of the dark again.
  • Later that night, Jimbo had to go to the bathroom again. But this time Jimbo went to the bathroom without any delay.
  • From that day onwards...
  • ... he was never scared of the dark again.