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What Happened to Roanoke?
Updated: 9/20/2018
What Happened to Roanoke?
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  • I, John White, must go to England to get this noble town more supplies!
  • We will carve the name of a town onto trees if we move there, and a cross if it was because of danger.
  • That's great news! Everyone, carve Croatoan onto the trees!
  • I have just received word that Croatoan is an island that is filled with riches! We shall go there!
  • Hurry up, and carve faster! We need to go to Croatoan!
  • Have patience sir! The word, "Croatoan," takes a while to carve!
  • Then just end it off as "Cro," as Jimmy already finished carving Croatoan on his tree!
  • Back in England...
  • My goodness, this resource-gathering was supposed to be a few months, but it's been a few YEARS!
  • I must go back now, to see if they survived!
  • Meanwhile...
  • To Croatoan we go! YEAH!
  • If only I didn't get seasick so easily... BLARGH!
  • When John White Finally Returns to Roanoke...
  • They're gone, and this tree has, "Cro" carved into it. Maybe they went to Croatoan Island?
  • John, over here this tree has Croatoan fully carved onto it, and no cross! They went to Croatoan, I hope!
  • Shame we can't go now, it's storming and would be deadly!
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