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Updated: 1/23/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Say cheese everyone!
  • It all started when my "mom" met my dad and they fell in love and they had that little rascal. Hi my name is Raven and my life is kind of crazy!
  • Plays YNW Melly
  • Okay today class we will have parents come in and tell us about how incredible their child is(Kid Incredible Day)
  • Dear Diary(Day 110), I hate my life. You might be wondering well you have a wealthy family what more do you want? The truth is that not everything is the way it may seem. My family is crazy. For example, today was are 5th photoshoot for this month. Like they think I am psycho because I am emo. Like there is nothing to be afraid of. It's not like I will come into your room at night to try and kill you.
  • This is my bestfriend Caleb. He has been there for me through everything and I am so grateful for him. Plus, you have to love his personality.
  • I have been feeling so insecure about lately...Are you even listening?
  • Yeah hold on girl. I am doing that Renegade tik tok .
  • I love to come here to think and be alone with nothing, but me and my thoughts. You guys might be wondering why I like this so dark and lonely. Well it all started last year when this women came in for Kids Incredible Day. Which I thought she was just a parent coming in to talk about their child, but she came in to give me a letter and she told me not to open until I got home. Comes to find out she was my REAL birth mother. That was the last day I had ever seen her because she ended up dying from a disease and she left when I was two because she didn't want me to see her struggle.
  • Hello I am not a parent, but I will not be staying long, but I wanted to drop this letter off to Raven. Also, I know you won't understand, but this women loves you very much.
  • Flashback
  • Umm...okay thank you?!?!?!
  • Dear diary, I am back and better than ever, I haven't wrote in you since 5 years ago. I am now a therapist who have been through tragic events and I couldn't be any happier now.
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