Drama and Superhero Storyboard - 28th Jan 2021
Updated: 1/28/2021
Drama and Superhero Storyboard - 28th Jan 2021

Storyboard Text

  • Remember the time when Daniel fell off his bike on the sand?!
  • Yeah, that was HILARIOUS! I'm glad we don't have our bikes with us!
  • You- whoever you are, YOU- don't stand a chance...Look little girl, look what's ahead of you!!!
  • I will Sammy. :¬)
  • Errm...Sammy, I know it has been nice chatting but I have to go. Something tells me a girl is in trouble next to a train line...
  • Errm...Okay then Bill, I'll see you soon then. Good luck, and...errm, Bill, stay safe will you?
  • Sammy and Bill the superheroes are having fun at the beach!
  • This is my chance. Let's do this. Let's fly!!!
  • Pan, meanwhile, is working a plan: to get Lacey to jump onto the train track, whilst the train is coming down the track.
  • Mwhahaha!
  • Bill received a warning on his watch, which tells him, what Pan is up to...
  • Urgh....What???
  • Oh, no you won't...
  • Bill is going to save Lacey's life!
  • Bill might not reach Lacey in time, Pan's plan is working...
  • Luckily, Bill stops Pan just in time - Lacey is safe!