Unknown Story

Updated: 5/3/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • A fat ,lazy, biased pig who is very selfish and doesn't take anyone seriously, accept for his kind, the pigs.
  • Snowball, a very energetic, intelligent creature. He's a gifted public speaker, that takes everyone seriously.
  • Snowball
  • Fight with Snowball, Join his, let him lead, so we can finally put a stop to the evil liar, Napoleon. Help Snowball Defeat Napoleon!
  • Napolean
  • The farm isn't evolving. It isn't growing as Napoleon sold all the chicken eggs for whiskey. Help Napoleon!Or else he will sell the rest of the baby animals.:(
  • Help protect the eggs by helping snowball. This will help evolve the farm! By this, your also listing to Old Major
  • Help the Great Snowball take over The evil, lazy Napoleon.