The Bonus Army
Updated: 3/19/2020
The Bonus Army

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  • World War 1 was a devastating global war that affected the entire world. When it finally ended, there were thousands of veterans who had no money, or ways of supporting themselves.
  • The President promised that all the veterans would be given money to compensate them for their losses, but the payouts weren't due till 1945.
  • So, in 1932 over 15,000 veterans gathered in front of the white house demanding to be paid. America was also going through the great depression at this time so , they were in dire straits.
  • We fought and bled for you!Give us what were due!.
  • In an effort to convince the President the Bonus Army moved into shacks below the capital. They showed that they met business. Despite inadequate housing and food they were still an orderly "army".
  • In mid-June the House of Representatives passed a bill that authorized immediate compensation for the veterans, but the Senate rejected that bill 62-18. Most of the veterans left for home dejected except for a little over 2,000. They refused to leave so, President Hoover ordered troops to disperse them.
  • The troops stormed their shacks with tanks and tear gas, and one veteran was shot and killed. Needless to say that did not help Presidents Hoovers campaign. The veterans were given 100,000 and dispersed.
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