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The Founding of the Iroquois Confederacy
Updated: 10/17/2020
The Founding of the Iroquois Confederacy
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  • Onondaga
  • Mohawks: PeaceMaker
  • Oneidas
  • Peace
  • No more fighting for Tadadaho
  • A power hungry vicious chief named Tadadaho led the Onondaga in many battles but they did not bring peace. Hiawatha believed war could be avoided and was overcome with grief over his lost family members to war. Hiawatha called a council of the Onondaga chiefs to propose a peaceful way of life like their brother tribe, the Mohawks but Tadadaho and remaining chiefs cowed by Tadadaho did not agree.
  • Cayuga
  • Hiawatha left and went to the Mohawks where he met with the man called the Peace Maker who believed all the people can live in peace. They recruited Jagonsaseh who had been forming small alliances across the five nations by allowing any warrior to stay at her longhouse and share food which made the warriors kin( as per tradition).
  • Seneca
  • Tadadaho
  • Jagonsaseh and Hiawatha journeyed to the Oneida tribe as envoys of the Peacemakers message. Oneidas were little brothers of the Mohawks so they were inclined .They trusted Jagonsaseh. Oneidas debated over a full year but the Peacemaker was insistent that was an aberration who felt that they must choose peace if they truly want to be strong.
  • Second Try
  • Cayuga were the little brothers of the Onondaga. Tadadaho demanded that they fight in his wars and the Cayuga couldn't refuse because they feared Tadadaho would fight them instead. An alliance with the Mohawk and Oneida seemed like a great idea and the chiefs readily agreed.
  • The Peacemaker and Hiawatha went to the Seneca to ask for peace and they got greeted warmly and they heard about the message too. The People of the Seneca agreed to the peacemakers message and went to spread the message because many of there loved ones died in wars in Seneca. Senecas were honored as the keepers of the western doors.
  • The Peacemaker called a council and invited Tadadho. They suggested to Tadadaho that he would be the chief of the clan and he would make the decision over all laws. Tadadaho was excited about this and thought about how much power he could have in that position. Jagonsaseh convinced Tadadaho to give up his evil ways. Tadadaho agreed and the peace confederacy was formed.
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