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Updated: 2/11/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Maybe god has finally sent me a personal life saver.
  • Hiya Yall!
  • Are they normally like this?
  • So pathetic.
  • The bus driver randomly stoppedd which he never does. He normaly would just drive past and say, "There fault. Kenny has never seen these two brothers before.
  • As they got on they come on thanking the bus driver and says "Hiya, y'all!" Kenny thought that maybe god had finaly sent him a personal lifesaver so that he wont be bullied he will instead. This is when Larry Dunn starts making fun of him calling him country corn flake. The bus driver eventualy stops this chaos and puts the new guy, Rufus and his brother into Kennys seat.
  • As the bus driver pushed Rufus and his brother into his seat the bus driver said "Y'all just sit next to Poindexter, he don't bother no one. Kenny (Poindexter) was suprised that god had sent him a lifesaver in such raggedy clothes.
  • Mrs.Cordell welcomes Rufus Fry to the class room and he gave the class a shy and quiet "hi." A couple of the girls thought he was cute because they said "Hi, Rufus." The teacher told Rufus to sit next to Kenny. He said, "I thought your name was Poindexter?"
  • Rufus was desperate for a friend in his new school. Rufus asked Kenny what they were learning he said, "Time tables." "Time tables? Those are easy, need some help?" Rufus said. "No!" I said moving so that all he could see was his back.
  • Rufus followed me outside to my spot where I at lunch alone. I realized that he didn't have lunch so I gave him one of my momma's throat-choking peanut butter sandwiches. He only ate half wrapping the other one up. He asked me why my eye was looking the other way and I said it was called a lazy eye. I know he wasn't trying to make a joke about this though it was almost as if he was being sincere. The next day Rufus started acting like he was his friend.