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pepperoni slice getting digested
Updated: 3/25/2020
pepperoni slice getting digested
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  • There is Polly Peperoni
  • Yuck! It's disgusting in here!
  • The Pepperoni Slice That Got DigestedMia HomsanySciencePeriod 33/25/2020
  • Please don't let me turn into liquid! I'm too young to die!
  • "Hi there!" says Polly Pepperoni. "I am just about to get eaten by the person who lives here. He is having pepperoni slices as a snack. Don't worry, though. Pepperoni is meant to be eaten."
  • "As of right now, I just entered his mouth and I am being chewed. Once he is done chewing, I get swallowed and then I enter his esophagus. When I am done getting through there, I will enter into his stomach," Polly says, describing what will happen.
  • Now we leave because we are being turned into faeces. Goodbye.
  • "Now I am in his stomach. It is pretty disgusting being surrounded by all these other disintegrated foods that this guy ate. We are all about to be mixed together with liquid and digestive juices. Once that is done, that mixture (called chyme) will be emptied into the small intestine," says Polly, nervous to be turned into liquid.
  • "Now that all of those other foods that were in the guy's stomach and I are liquid, we are in the small intestine. It is definitely super weird being liquid but it isn't as bad as I thought it would be. We are now going through the guy's blood stream, about to enter the large intestine," Polly explains.
  • "Now that we are in the large intestine, we will be leaving the guy's body. The large intestine reabsorbs water that is used in digestion and it eliminates undigested food and fiber. We will harden and turn into faeces and then we will exit the guy's body as waste," Polly speaks. They are done, and they have been digested after this step.
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