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Updated: 9/28/2020
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  • 1. Exposition
  • At the very begining is described a utopian society in which the main charcater, Jonas, lives. It is controlled by Comittee of the Elders. Everything works perfectly, pepole are happy and have good relationship.Jonas is 12 and is about to became an adult.
  • We have control.
  • 2. Conflict
  • Jonas is invited to the cerimony of the twelves in which each young boy's and girl's job is decided by the Elders. Jonas doesn't know what job will be given to him.
  • We decided to give you the job of...
  • What will be my job?
  • 3. Rising action
  • During the selection process Jonas is skipped and will be the last to be called after a twist of suspance. Then he discovers that he's been chosen as the Receiver of memories.
  • We decided to give you a special job..
  • 4. Climax
  • Jonas discovers that the release process is a murder. He watches his unconscious father performing it and understands that there's something wrong in his society.
  • He is killing him!
  • 5. Falling action
  • Jonas device a plan: he will escape with Gabe, a child his father had brought home in order to restore his strenght to avoid him death. So the protagonist will sleep by day and run at night to go Elsewhere (that is out of the comunity borders).
  • We need to get him!
  • 6. Resolution
  • Jonas arrives in front of a house and he found a sledding. He sees a real family celebrating Christmas, they sleed down in the snow and feel emotions they never felt before. We can't understand the real resolution because the end looks like a dream or a memory that Jonas received from the Giver.
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