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Animal Farm - Battle of Cowshed
Updated: 9/20/2020
Animal Farm - Battle of Cowshed
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Storyboard Text

  • Mr Jones and his farm-boys decide to storm Manor Farm andtake it back from the Animals (who have renamed it Animal Farm).
  • The less capable animals (pigeons and geese) make a feeble attack against the farmers in an attempt to draw them into the farm's main settlement. It works.
  • Snowball charges at Mr Jones, who fires a shotgun at him. The shot misses Snowball but hits and kills a sheep behind him. Snowball knocks Mr Jones' gun out his hands.
  • Boxer, the farms stallion, raises his hooves and charges into a farm-boy, hitting him so hard he's presumed dead. The restof the farmers watch in fear.
  • The farmers run for their lives the same way they entered; with geese and pigeons pecking at their calves.
  • Snowball and Boxer are awarded medals for their bravery ('Animal Hero 1st Class'), as is the dead sheep ('Animal Hero 2nd Class') who is also given a solemn funeral and a speech from Snowball.
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