La vida es trabajar

Updated: 5/14/2020
La vida es trabajar

Storyboard Text

  • Hi, I was in a full time job, im so tired. My boss dont let me finished and he give me more.
  • Hi, ¿what are you doing here?, it´s very late.
  • Why?, that isn´t correct, your boss abussing you, he is violating your rights, you know that you are 17 years old, you´re still a ,inor, this is bad, you must do something.
  • This is repeated every day since 2.
  • I don´t know, i know, this is bad, but my family dont have anything to eat.
  • I don´t know this is´nt the right way.
  • So ¿what am i gonna do?
  • You must sue him: i know that you can get another job, you´re smart, trust me.
  • Okey, i´ll do it, i´ll sue him. I´ll try yo get other job. Tranks sara.
  • Don´t worry. I´ll be here always for you. I trust in you, and i know that you can improve your life and that of your family.