Visual Memoir Project
Updated: 2/13/2019
Visual Memoir Project
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  • Caroline, you shouldn't do this. You're being mean.
  • *on the phone* "Don't you realize that nobody likes you?"
  • Caroline, are you sure you should be saying those things? This isn't a good idea.
  • Yeah and she was saying really mean things to him. 
  • Mom, Caroline was texting Lucas today on her phone.
  • Don't be upset. I will text his mother and let her know.
  • Don't talk to them. They are liars and they love to make up rumors.
  • Yeah I've never really liked them anyway.
  • Caroline, my best friend was always a little mean, even to me. However, I never truly realized how mean she was until this moment.One day, she texted our friend Lucas and said really mean things to him. My sister and I asked her to stop and told her that it wasn't a good idea multiple times. She didn't listen.
  • Ok so you all know how we have discussed moving for a little while. We are moving to Mendham!
  • My sister and I were afraid to tell our mom about what happened, but decided it was the best thing to do. We told our mom about what happened. She texted Lucas's mom. Caroline ended up blaming the entire thing on us, saying that we were the ones texting him.
  • I like it too!
  • I like it!
  • So that's the end of the tour. How do you like the school so far?
  • In the hallway the Monday after, we heard her talking to another friend. Caroline told her not to hang out with us. This ended up going around. Soon, we didn't have any friends.
  • Me too, but nothing could be worse than our old school.
  • I'm so nervous for school tomorrow!
  • At the end of the school year, my parents gathered everybody in the kitchen one night. They told us that we would be moving to Mendham. This was a chance for a fresh start. I was super excited.
  • A couple days before the first day at our new school, we got a tour from a girl named Samantha. She was so nice and helpful. My sister and I were excited to start school. Things were looking up for us.
  • Before we knew it, the night before our first day of school rolled around. We were so nervous but also so excited to meet new friends and have new opportunities.
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