Updated: 12/5/2018
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  • My first and last meal of the day
  • I'm sorry... Sir
  • X-Ray found a house that the government provide him with, he is lying in his bed remembering the conditions that he was exposed in camp green lake. Thinking that he was treated like a slave and all he did was dig and be thirsty all the time. Even though he is living in terrible conditions at least he can rest and has a house.
  • In this slide X-Ray is cooking an egg which is his only meal of the day. He does not have money to buy food, he gets payed very little. Some times there are days were his only food is water from the shower.
  • I wish I could buy something to eat
  • Since X-ray got out of the camp, he looked for a job in order to get some money since he was not good with his mom. He wasn't adjusted to a schedule that was more strict and it variated. Not like the camp, that the only thing they needed to do was to dig holes all day long. In addition, he started working in the company he hacked from in a past.
  • This guy looks familiar. Why do I think I've seen him before.
  • X-Ray was given a job at the company where he committed a crime. The reason why X-Ray was sentenced to prison in camp green lake was hacking an X-Ray company, he told everyone else another reason why he was given that nickname to hide the truth. He is working in this company for 10 dollars per week to compensate the damaged caused.
  • At his free time given that was an hour, X-Ray wanted to go for a walk and he never liked to go out. Intuition?, he passed by a cafe near by observing the food that was served in there and his appetite was awoke but he remembered that his pocket was empty and couldnt by anything.
  • X-Ray is sitting on a bench near a park. He at this point is feeling exhausted, the conditions that he lives in have not improved at all. Behind him Armpit one of his closest friends at the camp is walking towards where he is sitting unitentionally, Armpit can recognize him but he cannot remember where.
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