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the breadwinner
Updated: 2/18/2020
the breadwinner
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Storyboard Text

  • thank you!
  • The apricots
  • here are some apricots.
  • The Shalwar Kameez
  • no way! I decide!!!!
  • theres no way were gonna sell my shalwar kameez!
  • The flowers
  • when the time is right!
  • I am brave!!!!
  • The apricots repersent Shazia and  and pavana's friendship as they met when they were dressed as boy's i know this because as it says in the text "Shazia handed parvana a small twist of paper holding sevreal dried apricots".Which repersents that she cares.
  • Malali
  • Its ok. nobody will notice I'm a girl its ok remember "I am malali"
  • The shalwar kameez repesents a symbol of change in parvana because she did not want to sell it as it says in the text "I decide what were not going to sell not you.Theres no longer any use for it,unless your planning to go to parties you havent bothered to tell me about."
  • The pen
  • i wont:)
  • here. dont forget me.
  • ...
  • The flowers repersent a symbol of hope,that there will be peace in the world one day,i know this because as it says in the text "the roots are good.when the time is right these roots will support plants that are heathly and strong".
  • The skull
  • :( I don't know about this...
  • Malali repersents a symbol of courage to parvana as it shows that she is not alone i know this because as it says in the text "im Malali,leading the troops through enemy territory."which shows shes brave.
  • the pen repesents a symbol of love betweeen parvana because she handed noria that pen so she could always remember parvana, like a good bye gift.
  • the skull repersents a symbol of gultiness because as it says in the text "shazia looked at her,opened her mouth to speak, then closed it again and returned to her digging". which repersents shes guilty.
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