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Buddha's Path to Enlightenment Storyboard
Updated: 2/20/2020
Buddha's Path to Enlightenment Storyboard
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  • Your son will be a religious leader or a king...
  • NO!! He WILL become a king!!!!!
  • Do you like your room?!?!
  • NO! Stay inside and never look out!!!
  • Ya! Can I go outside on the balcony to look at the kingdom?
  • Okay.... :(
  • That's terrible! :(
  • I'm sorry you had to see this...lets go...
  • Help! :( :( :(
  • Siddhartha Gautuma was born as a prince around 563 b.c. A fortune teller told his farther that he will either become a king or an religious leader. His father did not like the fact the he could become a religious leader. So, he decided to raise him with luxury like he was a king either way.
  • Hmm I might have something...
  • Since Siddhartha was now being raised in luxury, his father protected him from everything unpleasant. Whenever they were riding along any path, the guards would tell anyone unpleasant to move. They did this so that Siddhartha wouldn't have to feel bad for them. Siddhartha then got married and the entire court celebrated. During his marriage, he had one son.
  • Aummmmmm...
  • One day, Siddhartha decided to go through the kingdom with only his chariot driver. What he saw shocked him. A dead man, a man shrunken by disease, a man with a stick, and a holy man. He then realized that he some day might come across these things too. When he saw the holy man, he decided to leave the palace, and become a religious leader.
  • WOAH!!
  • ...And that is how I became Buddha!
  • Siddhartha decided to live on food and water that strangers gave him, and one pair of clothes. At night, he would stay in a cave or tree as shelter. He started studying "the truth" with the gurus, who are religious teachers. But in the end, he leaves the gurus and meets people called the ascetics, who practice self denial. He starting wearing scratchy clothes, didn't bathe for long periods, and he sat for long periods of time meditating in one position. Later, the ascetics abandoned him because he ate a bowl of milk and rice.
  • I will take anything from food to water!
  • Siddhartha kept continuing his search for the truth. As he went to rest under a fig tree to meditate, he decided that he will not leave the tree until he found the truth. This tree was called the Bodhi Tree, and Siddhartha meditated on it for 49 days! Mara, the god of desire and death tried to make him fall out of meditation, but she failed! Then, he achieved enlightenment, and became the Buddha.
  • Buddha freed himself from reincarnation. He chose to go back to the world and teach others about Buddhism and what he learned. He traveled across India, and he answered all the questions that people asked. He found his purpose of awakening the world to the true nature of life. Sadly, a couple of years later he died, but his wise words will always be with us.
  • That's so cool!
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