storyboard F451
Updated: 5/8/2020
storyboard F451

Storyboard Text

  • Montag and Mildred meet.
  • Montag and Clarisse meet for the first time. She asks him "Did you know that before fireman started fires they put them out?"
  • Montag finds his wife lifeless.
  • Why would you choose to do this to yourself, to us Mildred?
  • Montag seeks for Professor Faber's help to understanding reading and find emotion in what he reads. In the end they both formulate a plan to get their books back.
  • Faber I want you to teach me how to read and I want to have the power to read with no fear.
  • It is a risky move, but we must come up with a plan to get our freedom back.
  • This house must be burnt Montag, it has been caught with books hidden around the home.-Beatty
  • Oh well in that case...DESTROY THIS HOUSE!-Beatty
  • Beatty and Montag are on their way to burn another house. When they arrive, Montag discovers that he is about to burn his own house.
  • books
  • Beatty this is my house!!! YOU CAN'T!
  • Bible
  • I need to leave!
  • Montag has burnt his house down but has also killed Montag. He destroys the Hound and begins to run.