Updated: 12/19/2019
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  • 3 years later...
  • It was the Cultural Revolution. Teens and children gather round to protest against the old ways. Li, now 15, writes a Dazibao about her parents, which gets them publicly humiliated.
  • Democracy is the last modernization.
  • In the end, millions died. The Red Guards were calming down in the fields when they learn of Mao's death. Li realizes the error of her ways and regrets everything she's done.
  • The four modernizations referred to the fields of agriculture, industry, national defense, and science and technology.
  • Li learned about a protest that young students had organized. It was a peaceful protest, so Li decided to go and see it. But then, the new president, Deng Xiaoping, sent his army after them!
  • Li luckily escaped, unlike thousands. She ran and ran until she was far away. She hated Communism. Communism left her broken. She wanted Democracy, along with so many. Maybe one day, China will be free.
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