Updated: 5/8/2020

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  • Helen, it´s good to see you again.
  • Yes, people won´t stop talking about homecoming
  • Taylor, hi!!! I´ve missed you.
  • Ahhh a new year ha..
  • So I heard! I am ready to party
  • Don´t get away with the fairies again Helen. He seems as the shift and drift kind of guy.
  • OMG who´s that? He´s kinda cute. I hope to see him tonight at homecoming
  • HAHAH Helen he is just ossified as hell
  • HAHAH Did you see how he fell arse over tit?
  • Oh Helen as if!!!
  • What happened to him????
  • Taylor, stop laughing at him, he is just a sprog!!!
  • .
  • Well Helen, Today at noon I was earwigging some 6th graders´ convo and I heard he has failed 4th grade 4 times, so he is actually 21
  • Tay, what did you mean when you said "as if"
  • Hey that´s not my fault, I told you since the beginning to be careful but you didn´t listen. Now take your things and bolt ya rocket!!!
  • Yikes Taylor, why didn´t you tell me earlier? He wouldn´t have hurt my feelings the way he did!
  • The Next Monday...
  • It´s okay Hel, sorry for kicking you out of my car like that. I love you
  • Hi Tay, look I´m sorry for what happened... you are my best friend and no boy will change that
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