The Year 2020 - What More in Store !!!
Updated: 6/2/2020
The Year 2020 - What More in Store !!!

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  • Hi, Irfan, Good morning, how are you doing in 2020 after Amphan, hope all are ok with you..!
  • Good morning, Atul, really don't know, what to say..such a devastating year indeed, 2020
  • LOCKDOWN/ UNLOCK we learn these words and now it become our life, then we saw AMPHAN, the worst cyclone..!!
  • Rightly said , Irfan, the year started with the curse of COVID 19, now we have to learn to stay with Corona..!!
  • Atul, let's hope for the best, now am getting late to market,take care,see you.
  • right, T20 is my faveriot, so many people lost their homes, we can't get to met with each other, my grammy can't visit doctor, no one know, what more to devastation 2020 has in its store for mankind
  • Now,the new thing is earthquake,in corona many people have lost their loved ones, T20,postponed and lot more
  • Sure,bye, you take care, Irfan!