Unknown Story

Updated: 9/16/2021
Unknown Story

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  • ok
  • *victor is t he main character of the story
  • turn on the tv victor*
  • hello everyone we are hosting a 3v3 tournament for anyone from the age 14-17call 0234 5678 912
  • hey jasper we should join the tournament i think we would have a chance to win*
  • ill ask Dakota
  • *jasper is a school friend who's is good at basketball
  • yeah ill join but the is only 2 of us we need 1 more person to join.
  • OK ill see you tomorrow then for practice.
  • me and jasper are going to the gym tomorrow come if you can
  • hey Dakota can you join a 3 v 3 tournament with me and jasper
  • ok
  • yeah i can join but ill need some practise
  • good practise guys remember to stay focus when playing.
  • make sure you get ready for tomorrows tournament
  • OK
  • 0k