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Updated: 11/15/2019
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  • Fact: Did you know the Speke's Gazelle is the smallest gazelle species!
  • I'm Hungry, Can't find any food
  • Now I've got all the gazzele souls! Now I am stronger than anyone else! All because of humans!
  • Back then there were many gazelles because there weren't any modern technology such as guns. there were also plenty of food back then.
  • 1. Over Hunting
  • Right Now, there are 19 species of gazelles in the world right now! If we keep hunting and killing gazelles then in the future there will be barely even a hundred gazelles left or maybe not even that!
  • 2. polluting
  • In about 2100, gazelles will go extinct because of humans. This will heavily affect the environment because without gazelles, lions cheetahs and leopards will also go extinct because they have no prey left.
  • 3. Deforestation
  • Before
  • After
  • Over Hunting is a really big reason why the population of gazelles are decreasing. Over the years technology keeps developing which makes it easier to do certain tasks such as hunting
  • polluting has also decreased the population of gazelles. when you pollute, you release junk into the wild then animals mistake junk as food and consume it. When that happens, it becomes unsafe for the predators to eat the preys because the preys become toxic
  • Deforestation has led many animals to death because of loss of habitat. If we keep on continuing this process for our own good then all the animals will disappear! This will affect us because of the food chains weakening.
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