Active Transport Comic Strip
Updated: 2/10/2020
Active Transport Comic Strip
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PreAP Transportation Comic Story PROJECT -Sonia ( Ms Freed 5th Period.)

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  • Oh Hey, Mansy!
  • ......
  • OMG! Today might just be my lucky day I guess. I need help in biology.
  • Oh Hey, Mr Alex.
  • First you need to know the basics. Active transportation moves from low to high.
  • I will be happy to help.
  • Yes I know that sir and I know that the use energy unlike Passive transportation
  • So I have an essay about Active Transportation. I have not idea where to start.
  • Sodium-Potassium?
  • I also know there is three types of active transport but I don't know how to differentiate them
  • Exactly! I don't even know why you need my help in the first place am sure you got this.
  • Okay first, Protein Pumps. They use transport protein and do you know what a good example could be?
  • oh, and Endocytosis would be the process in which cells engulf big substances trying to enter the cell.
  • Will Phagocytosis be next?
  • Exactly and then under Endocytosis we have now Phagocytosis, Taking in solid food particle.
  • No, Endocytosis is next and Phagocytosis is then under Endocytosis.
  • Real life example of phagocytosis could be eating.
  • Yes another real life example of Pinocytosis would be?
  • Oh yeah and Pinocytosis, taking in dissolved or broken down substances right?
  • Drinking!
  • Then receptor mediated, the cell bringing in specific substances using receptors
  • So endocytosis is bringing substances inside and exocytosis is taking substances outside?
  • And the last example of active transport is exocytosis, cells forms a vesicle around unwanted particles and expels it out of the cell.
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