Passive Transport Comic Strip
Updated: 2/9/2020
Passive Transport Comic Strip
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PreAP Transportation Comic Story PROJECT

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  • Right? Last time I sow you was back in 9th grade right?
  • Wait is that you Cassie?
  • Yes 9th grade with Ms Freed. Remember learning all the Bio terms that I don't even use now.
  • Nick! OMG! My dearest friend.Its been a long time.
  • Right? I liked the teacher just Biology wasn't for me
  • I remember Passive transportation and how it moves from low to high? and did not use energy (ATP) right? 
  • Right? Still remember those Bio terms? if so let me see.
  • NO! Passive moved from high to low concentration. Honestly speaking Cell transportation was my favorite topic.
  • Passive transportation had three types if I'm not mistaken. One of them being Simple division? Diffusion?
  • Wait then what moves ions and polar substances and moved from high to low concentration?
  • Simple Diffusion. It is a passive transport type that moves non polar and no charge substances only through the membrane.
  • That's Facilitated diffusion. Substances cross the biological membrane via specific trans-membrane integral proteins
  • I once read that Osmosis' main function is stabilizing the internal environment of an organism as it helps keeping water levels balanced.
  • We also have Osmosis as another type of passive transport types.
  • I remember this one. It's the diffusion or movement of water molecules through a membrane.
  • You really did your research on this didn't you? HAHAHA
  • I mean it's not that hard to forget osmosis it involves water and only water.
  • Molecules are said to naturally flow down their concentration levels and concentration level....
  • So all these passive transportation types moves from high to low why not low to high?
  • WAIT..Concentration Gradient is a difference of concentration between two regions and must exist for molecules to flow.
  • Yes, so among the passive transportation requirements, particles should move from high to low and also without the use of energy.
  • For real. Anyways I have reached my destination. It was nice to remember the good ol days.
  • It's so crazy how all these different stuff happen in our body very single day and we are not even aware.
  • Bye Cassie. Nice to see you again.
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