Osmosis Comic Strip
Updated: 2/9/2020
Osmosis Comic Strip
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PreAP Transportation Comic Story PROJECT -Sonia (Miss Freed 5th Period)

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  • Girl at this point, it shouldn't even be a surprise. HAhA
  • Now why you cry Tracy?
  • I'm about to fail the biology test! Tried studying but I don't remember anything.
  • Can we study together right now?
  • Yes movement or diffusion.
  • Okay! First you need to know Osmosis involves water and only water.
  • So it's the movement of water molecules through a membrane right?
  • Now what about the categories of Osmosis.
  • Hypotonic, water enters the cell and it gets bigger so guess what happens next?
  • Exactly. Then hypertonic water leaves the cell so it shrinks.
  • It shrinks? No wait that's hypertonic. It swells right?
  • Then Isotonic is Normal balance of water.
  • I remember ms Freed telling us how plant cell won't swell
  • Wait then what is Turgor Pressure?
  • Yes so they won't because their cell wall becomes turgid.
  • Turgor pressure is caused by the osmotic flow of water and occurs in plants, fungi, and bacteria
  • Girl I thought it was because it becomes flaccid!
  • So what's the difference between turgid and flaccid? We are slow here. Sorry!
  • No! plant cell's cell wall become turgid.
  • HAHA.Turgid cell contains more water and a Flaccid cell lacks water.Turgid falls under Hypotonic, Flaccid falls under Isotonic and Plasmolyzed falls under Hypertonic.
  • Yes so just remember the three categories and definitions of osmosis. Hypertonic, Hypotonic and Isotonic and you will be good.
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