Rennacsince Vasco da Gama
Updated: 1/24/2019
Rennacsince Vasco da Gama

Storyboard Text

  • KING Manuel
  • In 1492 I will send da Gama to the port city of Setubal (south of Lisbon) and to the Algarve region to seize French ships.
  • I was told by King Manuel chose me to lead a Portuguese fleet to India in search of the maritime route from Western Europe to the East.
  • No, My Crew is dying of the cold temperatures and scurvy
  • Welcome to India
  • After a 300 day voyage, I finally made I to India. I traveled about 24,000 miles It better be worth it
  • Back at this time the Portuguese or the Indians didn't have the technology to create medicines.
  • I'm very sorry but sadly I can't do anything about what is happening
  • Help us Please
  • That was an amazing adventure, learning about different cultures and traveling. Goodbye
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