Updated: 3/31/2020
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  • The American Indians were getting angry since they were kicked off their land due to previous American treaties that the American Indians didn’t agree to. The British saw this as a way to slow America's growth so they armed the Native Americans. Tecumseh(a Native American leader) as well as other armed Native Americans attacked a settlement in the West, which resulted in a full day battle that the US won. The Americans were getting restless and called for war against the British since they corrupted and helped the Native Americans attack America. The British were trying to hurt the US' growth, and the US wasn't going to have that. The War Hawks (people who wanted war against Britain) won and convinced Congress to declare war on Britain
  • DIE!!!
  • Wait, what?
  • The British attacked with explosives and bombs, and burned the White House. However, the next morning the American flag was up and unharmed. This meant that the British was unsuccessful capturing the area and winning against the US in that battle. The poem, The Star Spangled, was written that day to show how the US is determined and strong. That no matter what the US will never give up.
  • I'm still alive and up!
  • After the war, the US was viewed differently. They were seen as strong and capable of holding up a good fight. The parent-child relationship that Britain and the US had changed to a sibling relationship, and the US felt more confident and more independent as well as stronger than before.
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