to kill a mockingbird
Updated: 1/24/2020
to kill a mockingbird
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  • Communication with Boo
  • Scout goes to school
  • Your father does not know how to teach. I'll take over from here.
  • kids sneak into Radleys backyard
  • Dill and Jem make a plan to go put a note in the Radleys windowsill adn Scout tags along. Jem uses a fishing pole to attempt to put up the note as Scout and Dill look out for anyone passing by. suddenly Atticus comes around the corner and catches them. The note never gets on the windowsill.
  • Ms.Maudie's house catches on fire
  • Scout was extremely exited for school, until it started and she dreaded it. Her teacher is Ms.Caroline who is young, pretty, and gets on Scouts nerves. Scout isn't allowed to read anymore and Jem has to walk her to school.
  • Atticus shoots the mad dog
  • Jem, Scout, and Dill went to go see inside the Radleys house from a window in the backyard. They crawled under a fence to get in, and after they got caught jem got stuck under the fence and his pants got stuck. After this when they were questioned where his pants were they made up a lie about them playing strip poker.
  • Mrs. Dubose dies
  • AHHHHH! Why can't she leave me alone!
  • When everyone was sound asleep one night Ms.Maudie's house caught on fire and Scout and Jem stood watching as everyone helped get her valuables out of her house. In this moment Boo Radley placed a blanket on Scout shoulders without her noticing.
  • It's not time to worry yet
  • As scout and Jem were walking down the street, they saw a limping dog walking towards them. their first thought is it has rabies! The whole neighborhood sees the dog and locks all their doors. Atticus decides he has to do something about it and shoots the dog. We find out in the past his nickname was Ol' one shot.
  • When Ms.Dubose dies, she leaves a present for Jem. She give him single camellia. The first thing he says when he opens the gift is "Oh hell-devil why can't she leave me alone?!" then later that night he's seen fingering the pedals which shows he's thinking about how maybe she was a nice person deep in her heart.
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