Aztec Clothing
Updated: 4/20/2020
Aztec Clothing
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  • Shall we explore what traditional Aztec citizens wear?
  • To the right is a higher class man, and to the left is a lower class one.
  • Here is an example of what the tilmahtli looked like. The maxtlatl is similar to what I am wearing.
  • Get ready to learn about what traditional Aztecs wear!
  • This is what we girls in Aztec society wore. My outfit is rather plain though.
  • First, Aztec society was divided into different classes, and the distinct levels wore different types of clothing. People in the upper classes (priests, nobility, royalty) wore very ornate clothing while the lower classes wore rather plain outfits.
  • The Aztecs also wore a lot of jewelry.
  • Second, the basic item for men to wear was the 'maxtlatl', a type of loincloth. Men would usually wear the maxtatl with an outer cloak called a 'tilmahtli'. These were styled differently based on what social class you were from.
  • Here is a Jaguar warrior.
  • Third, Aztec girls were known to wear a blouse called a 'huīpīlli' paired with a long skirt called a 'cuēitl'. As footwear, Aztec nobility were able to wear sandals called 'cactli'. Commoners were not allowed to wear these because of their different social status. However, all people were required to be barefeet in temples to show respect for the gods.
  • Both men and women in Aztec society wore jewelry and accessories. Necklaces and bracelets were usually made out of gold or a precious stone. People in the higher class wore more luxurious and more jewelry, while people in the lower classes wore less. Feathers and shells were also very important. People in upper classes wore the beautiful blue-green feathers from the quetzel bird on their headdresses. 
  • Aztec warriors were also dressed in fancy cloths. The loincloth all men wore were also wore by warriors. Their armor was called 'ichcahuipilli', which was made from thick layers of cotton. A high ranking warrior may even wear another layer of armor, called 'tlahuiztli'. There were two main types of warriors in the Aztec Empire, the Jaguars, and the Eagles. Warriors from each would wear armor that represented them.
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