Updated: 2/12/2020

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  • property of the Austins
  • 25,000 Americans in Texas, compared to 4,000 Tejanos, or Texans of Mexican
  • Americans
  • Tejanos
  • About 180 Texan volunteers, including eight Tejanos, defended the town.
  • Moses Austin started a U.S. colony in Spanish Texas. Moses died and, his son Stephen took over.Stephen A arrived in Texas and took control of Texas. Mexican officials agreed to let Austin start his colony under the condition, that he select moral and hardworking settlers and promise to become Mexican citizens and to join the Catholic Church. Austin agreed to the terms.
  • People involved in the almo attack:Davy Crockett, William Travis,James Bowie
  • tension between tenjanos and Americans grew because the Americans didn't respect the tenjanos, and didn't want to become citizens.Then the Americans got a group of lawyers,William Travis for revolution. Another group by Stephen A asked the Mexican government to reopen Texas to immigration and to make it a separate Mexican state so that Texans could run their own affairs.
  • Surprise attack
  • In 1833, Austin traveled to Mexico and presented the Texans' demands to Mexican government, General Antonio López de Santa Anna. The general was a dictator, Rather than bargain with Austin, Santa Anna had him arrested and jailed for promoting rebellion.Soon after Austin was released in 1835, Texans rose up in revolt. .
  • 28 state
  • February 1836, Santa Anna's army reached Texas. Santa Anna put up the no mercy flag when they asked the texans to surrender. And they returned with a cannon shot.After they began to surrender and the texans were outnumbered. So travis sent message to get reforcements.Almo lasted 12 days.on March 6,Santa Anna ordered his troops to storm the fort.Texans tried to fight off. When it was over almos defenders were all dead.
  • Houston's troops had a surprise attack. the Texans overran the Mexican camp, prompting Santa Anna to flee. However, he was captured the next day, and in exchange for his freedom, he ordered all his remaining troops out of Texas. The Texas War for Independence had been won, but Mexico did not fully accept the loss of its territory.
  • most Texans were Americans who wanted Texas to become part of the United States.Texas remained independent for ten years, during which time people in the United States were divided into Texas.in 1844 they were questing whether to expand U.S. territory. Polk was a strong believer in manifest destiny and was eager to acquire Texas. Polk was elected, Congress voted to annex Texas. In 1845, Texas was admitted as the 28th state.