Aztec Work
Updated: 4/20/2020
Aztec Work
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  • Now we will show you around town for you get to know some of our favorite hardworking workers!
  • Hi there dad! As you already know, my dad is a farmer/laborer. He plants and maintains crops.
  • Hello Mom! Besides teaching my little brother, my mom cares for us, prepares our meals, and repairs any ripped clothing.
  • Here! I finished sewing a pair of pants!
  • What do the Aztecs do as work?
  • This is my aunt. She works as an artisan and is going to sell her vase creation in the market.
  • There were several different forms of work in the Aztec Empire. Men were generally required to do more labor intensive work, which include farmers, laborers, craftsmen, merchants, warriors, priests or government officials.
  • Women were expected to do housework and care for the family. For example, they had to take care of their children, make and prepare food, and sew and repair clothing.
  • Some women also worked as artisans or craftswomen who sold their creations in the town market. They were very important in Aztec economy.
  • Commoners and middle-class citizens (called macehualtin) mostly worked as farmers growing crops like corn/maize, beans, and squash. However, some skilled artists and creators worked as artisans and sold their crafts to the market. Commoners were also required to work, repairing temples and public buildings.
  • Commoners and middle-class citizens mostly worked as farmers. However, some other skilled artists sold goods to the market.
  • Some macehualtin also worked as long-distance traders. These men would carry goods from vast distances all across the empire. Young boys were also trained to be warriors. At a young age, they were taught to use different Aztec weapons. Men of the higher class could also be priests.
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