The Outsiders conflicts
Updated: 6/12/2020
The Outsiders conflicts
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  • Character vs CharacterThe conflict between Greasers and Socs
  • Hey Greaser! Need a haircut!?
  • Character vs SocietyThe Greasers are poor and don't fit into the society
  • Ponyboy, if Isee you someplace, and don't say hi, it's not personal oranything. I can't let my parents see me with you. You're a nice boy andeverything, but...
  • I know.
  • Character vs SelfPonyboy doesn't know who he should be
  • I don't want to hate the Socs anymore! Should I hate the Socs?
  • This conflict is resolved in the rumble, when the Greasers win and the Socs leave them alone.
  • This conflict is resolved when Johnny and Ponyboy save the kids from the fire, and the Greasers are called heros.
  • You guys are the bravest kids I've seen in a long time. Are you just professional heroes or something?
  • This conflict is resolved when Ponyboy reads Johnny's letter, and realizes that he can be more than just a Greaser.
  • Stay gold?
  • They're leaving! We beat the Socs!
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