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EAC Government Project
Updated: 3/30/2020
EAC Government Project
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  • Revolutionary War- Yorktown
  • The Patriots have us surrounded! We have to surrender!
  • Articles of Confederation
  • You must enlist in the army.
  • I'll give you money for your spice.
  • You must pay this new tax.
  • Sheys's Rebellion
  • The Revolutionary War was a bloody war between the Patriots and the Redcoats with the Patriots fighting for freedom and the Redcoats fighting to keep control over America. In Yorktown, the Patriots, with help from France, had surrounded the Cornwallis and his British soldiers, and were working on a siege.
  • Constitutional Convention
  • The Articles of Confederation were America's first form of government. They did not work well becuase they did not give Congress the right to force people into the army, deal with foriegn trade, or to tax the pople so they could not pay back thier debt.
  • Principles of the Constitution
  • Sheys's Rebelion was lead by a man named Daniel Shays. This rrebeliion was help by farmers who were protesting the fact that the government could take away their land and imprison them. Officers opened fire of the rebellion in a effort to get the farmers to stop, but they shot too close and four farmers were killed.
  • Three Branches of Government
  • Legislative
  • New law
  • The Constituitional Convention was held in order to fix the problems that had occured with the new ogvernment. At first they had been planning on simply revising the Articles of Confederation, but they realized that there way no way to fix it so they decided to write up a complete new plan. This new plan for the government was called the Constitution.
  • The ConstitutionWe the people...
  • There are many principles in the Constitiution one of them is Federalism. This is the idea that governing powers should be split between the National and the State government.
  • The three branches of government are the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive Branches. The Legislative branch consists of The Senate and the House of Representatives. The Judicial branch consists of the Supreme Court. The Executive Branch consists of the President and the Vice President.
  • Judicial
  • Executive
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