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Generalized anxiety disorder
Updated: 10/11/2020
Generalized anxiety disorder
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  • Sometimes I get REALLY stressed. I get hot and sweaty, I can't breathe, my heart starts racing and it feels like i'm having a heart attack. I figured I should talk to my doctor about it.
  • 3 minutes later....
  • Hello. I've been feeling really stressed. Things like tests feel like they cause so much panic. I just want to give up sometimes...
  • Hi! I'm Dr. Khan! What seems to be the problem?
  • I'm so glad you reached out for help! You may want to look into meeting with a psychiatrist to see if you meet requirements to get a diagnosis for Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Heres what I can tell you about it...
  • Anxiety Diagnosis: Find a psychiatrist
  • appointments
  • It all stems from chemicals in your brain and body. High levels of the hormones cortisol and adrenaline can lead to anxiety symptoms. Those hormone levels should go up and down, but if they always stay high, you will experience constant levels of stress and anxiety
  • Anxiety can be caused by multiple different things. It can be passed down in your genes. If your family member has it, you may be more likely. It can develop with stressful or traumatic life experiences. Or it can be linked to health conditions like thyroid problems, or alcohol or drug abuse.
  • I am ALWAYS worrying about the little things. Even choosing where to eat feels like a life or death situation. I'm indecisive, I feel like I can't relax, and I have trouble concentrating, and finishing tasks it often feels like my minds a blank.
  • Sounds like Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • It feels good to know that there is hope.
  • Don't Worry! There are treatments to manage your anxiety! Therapy is very helpful for alleviating symptoms. There are also medications like SSRIs which help manage chemical imbalances in your brain. I also suggest making sure you exercise often, practice meditation, eat healthy, and use your friends and family to lean on. And if you use alcohol, drugs or tobacco to cope, work with your therapist, or me, to reduce your use.
  • Find a therapist
  • Wow. Its just chemicals in the brain?? I thought there was something wrong with me!
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