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Updated: 2/13/2020
Unknown Story

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  • We are still friends.. right?
  • New Pretty Town
  • Sure. Once you're pretty.
  • Hiding In The Garden
  • Hi, my names Tally..
  • My names Shay!
  • Waiting For David
  • We are waiting for David, he might not be here today though... David comes from a wonderful place... there are no prettys or uglys..
  • Why are we here?
  • Tally sneaks into New Pretty Town to find her friend Peris. But when she finds him he is not so excited to see her and he acts cold towards her.
  • Shay Leaves
  • You should come with me... that place is going to be so much better then here..
  • You know I cant.. I want to become pretty... like everyone else.
  • Tally leaves the house Peris is in and hides in a garden. She wishes she could be pretty already. She then finds Shay and they introduce themselves to each other, they go back to Ugly Town together and become friends.
  • Tally Waiting For The Surgery
  • This is taking forever...
  • Tally and Shay are waiting to see if David is going to show up. Shay keeps talking about the place where David lives and how great it is, but the only thing Tally can think about is becoming pretty.
  • Tally Talking To Dr.Cable
  • I dont know anything I swear!
  • Shay is deciding to run away before she becomes pretty and go to the town David lives at. Tally is very upset but she has to become pretty so she doesn't go with Shay to the new town.
  • Tally is waiting at the place where she is supposed to get her surgery, it takes a whole hour of waiting for Tally.
  • Tally is sent to Dr.Cables office and Dr.Cable tells her she can not have the surgery and that she needs to tell them where Shay has ran off to. Tally doesn't want to. Tally is very upset that she can not become pretty because she has been waiting for the surgery her whole life.
  • You cant have the surgery, tell us where Shay is. Now!