Updated: 7/28/2020

Storyboard Text

  • 一天,两个女孩在商店里看裙子。
  • 我希望我有亘多钱给买这裙子.
  • 我也是. 裙子 很漂亮.
  • 十五分中医或,他们找到了一个钱包。
  • 看! 有一个钱包! 我们可以用它买一个袋子.
  • 我不知道? 那不是偷东西吗? 我觉得咱们应该还给那个人.觉得诚实是最好的政策.
  • 一天,两各奴亥
  • look!the address on it isn't very far. We should return it. I'm going to go there and return it
  • but theres $20 in it. Thats twenty dollars closer to buying our dreses.Im taking 10 dollors and u can go if u want.
  • so the other girl went to the home of the owner to return the wallet and took ten of he own money to replace the money her friend took.
  • hi are you mr.Wang., I belive that I have your wallet.
  • Thabk you so much! Even all the money is still in it! here is $50! this wallet means so much to me.
  • no this wallet is worth so much more to me. You see, it was the last present my sister gave to me. the next day she died in a car crash.
  • Oh no i couldn't, thats too kind, Thats probalbly worth more than the wallet .