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Updated: 2/1/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Hi Jessica! I just went to the Guccistore and bought literally everything in there. The final cost was just a million dollars, can you imagine that?!
  • I am so sorry, but I'll have to end now because I have a doctors appointment in a few minutes!
  • Mrs. Trump and her friend Jessica having a conversation
  • I hope they disinfected everything in here. It smells so bad, junk food, eww!!
  • Where is the dentist department?
  • Haven't y'all heard of social distancing? And masks?
  • I hope it will be more welcoming there!!
  • Melania Trump on her way from the most expensive mall in town to her new personal dentist (she fired the last one she had because he didn't want to bleach her teeth one shade whiter), while talking to a childhood-friend about her shopping day.
  • A few minutes later...
  • Doctors are supposed to have masks on!Jesus Christ, what is wrong wih this place?!
  • How dare you sneeze on me!Covidiot!!
  • I am so sorry Mrs. Trump!! What can I do for you?!
  • Mrs. Trump being disgusted of the typical McDonald's smell in the hospital and too dramatic about disinfecting everything that she and her designer clothes touches.
  • I am leaving and belive me, I'm gonna sue you !!
  • I'm calling my husband right now
  • OH NOO!!
  • She got mad at the personal in the hospital because they didn't follow the new coronavirus restrictions and about having masks.
  • The personal was really rude and unrespectful towards me! And they didn't even have masks!
  • Hi Donald! You cannot belive me what just happened at the hospital!!
  • Sue?! Alright ok. Let's do it, I'm really excited!!
  • The poor dentist just tried to help and was asthmatic.
  • Should we sue them or give them an other chance?