1066 (3)
Updated: 7/31/2020
1066 (3)
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  • Battle of Stamford Bridge
  • No, this cant be the end!!!
  • aghhh!!!
  • Finally victory!!!
  • Battle of Hastings
  • I will be the next King!
  • No, my army and I will defeat you!!!
  • Battle of Hastings
  • Harald Hardrada died early in the battle, due to one of Harold Godwinson's archers shotting him in the Throat. The rest of Harald & Tostig's army was left to Tostig. Later on in the fight, another Anglo-Saxon killed Tostig in action. With both leaders dead this resulted in the army having a leader or anyone to command orders. This resulted in Harold Godwinson and his army the Anglo-Saxons winning and the rest of Harald & Tostig's army surrendering back to Norway.
  • Battle of Hastings
  • No, this can't be the end!
  • Hooray, I will be the King of England
  • I can't be King i'm too young to fight against William
  •  The Battle of Hastings took place on the 14th October and this was the last battle to determine who is King of England. The battle was between the last two warriors, who were most capable of taking the throne., they were Harold Godwinson and his army the Anglo-Saxons aganist William the Conqueror and his army. The fight started less then 3 weeks after Harold winning at the battle of Stamford bridge. The fight started on a hilltop 7 miles away from Hastings where Williams army firsted attacked the Anglo saxons.
  • Edgar Aethling proclaiming but isn't crowned
  • We will have to battle for the roll as King of England
  • Williams was very smart as a he arranged his army for the best attack. He place his archers in the front line, axe man in the second line and knights in the back. Some men rode horses and wore heavy armour, the fight was tough and bloody as a lot of men lost. The Anglo-Saxon army didn't have as many warriors as William had losted alot of warriors in his previous fight.
  • Williams crowing
  • This is your new King, King William the confessor
  • With William's army still going strong and a lot of Harold's army, slowing being killed. William order his archers to shot at close distance this resulted in the his army killing Harold due to an arrow in the eye. With this result it mean't William would win the battle and soon be the next King of England. As the Anglo-saxons had no leader they retreated back home with the remain warriors.
  • Edgar Aethling was a popular choice among many English people as he could speak English and was Edward the confessor's grandson. Edgar was proclaimed (publically announced) by a witan after King Harold Godwinson died but he was never crowned as Edgar was too young to fight and would of lost to William the Conquor
  • Since everyone who was going for the roll as King was either dead or would be dead if they fought William for crown, there was no choice but to annouce William as King. Before William fought for King he was promised by King Edward he would be the next King but the witan didn't approve this due to King Edward only saying it as Williams family told him to or he would be killed.
  • I'm the King of England
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