Battle of hastings 2
Updated: 7/31/2020
Battle of hastings 2
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  • I'm Edward The confessors closest relative plus I speak English.
  • The 3 contenders for Throne
  • I know i'm young, can't lead a country or not a warrior but i can learn
  • The Battle of Fulford Gate
  • Ok, Harald
  • Wait up Tostig
  • The Battle of Fulford Gate
  • Not so fast the rest of our army hasn't arrived
  • The last contender for the throne was a young teenage boy aged who was around 13 and named Edgar Atheling was a strong relative to Edward the confessor as Edgar was his nephew and another reason would be, Edgar could speak English as he was born there. The reason why he wouldn't be a good king was because of his age, he couldn't fight and has never had experience ruling others 
  • The Battle of Fulford Gate
  • Yes, Tostig we won
  • We retreat
  • In September 1066, Harald Hadrada, with his fleet of 300 ships decided to join forces with Tostig Godwinson (Harold Godwinsons brother) and sail away to the south of Yorkshire England near Fulford Gate. Once arrived they were met by an army led by The Earl Morcar of Northumbria and Earl Edwin of Mercia, this began the war of Fulford Gate.
  • Battle of Stamford Bridge
  • I'll be the next king, lets win this fight Tostig
  • The Morcar & Edwin's army had landed in the perfect spot as they were between the ground to swampy for an army to march through and by the river Ouse which was too deep. This soon later backfired as the Morcar & Edwin's army fought first which killed a lot people from both armies but Harald & Tostig were winning as Morcar & Edwins are didn't realise that only a small portion of Harold & Tostig's army had arrived.
  • Battle of Stamford Bridge
  • I'm the axeman, I will kill you!!
  • Finally we killed almost the entire army
  • Morcar & Edwin's army were winning as the rest of Harald & Tostig's hadn't arrived. Morcar's and Edwin knew this was the perfect time to attack but because of the river Ouse's tide began to rise their attack was delayed. As an result of the delay, the rest of Harald & Tostig's army arrived and the fight began to start a lot of warriors on both sides were killed but because Morcar & Edwin's army was outnumbered by Harald & Tostig's army which resulted in Harald & Tostig winning the fight.
  • Yeah I know you're closer to being the next King
  • On the 25th September, The Battle of Stamford Bridge started between Harald Godwinson army & Tostig and Harold Hadrald's army. This fight was very important as it would see who would possibly be the next king and definitely wouldn't since the one who loses the battle would either die or surrender there throne. Harald & Tostig army weren't ready to fight Harold Godwinson as they weren't expecting the fight so early. Harald & Tostig were camping awaiting a few days before the big fight but Harold heard this and decided it was the best time to attack. This started the battle of Stamford bridge
  • No you won't my army is better and stronger.
  • It was a fierce bloddy battle, with the two army fighting and killing each other. With one single warrior from Anglo-saxons (Harold Godwinson army) broke through Tostig & Harald's army killing heaps of people breaking Haralds & Tostig front line allowing the rest of the Anglo-saxons to fight. This man was called the axeman, he died from a spear from under the bridge. This killed a large number of Harald & Tostig's army.
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